Stop Chasing Perfection

It’s Monday again.

You have the whole week ahead of you to do great things – and to make some mistakes along the way.

Try as you might, it’s unlikely that your week will go perfectly according to plan.

But, if you tell yourself this on Monday, you might be able to deal with the challenges that pop up (and they will) a little more easily.

Let’s talk about the concept of perfection.

I’m calling it a concept, because it looks a little different to everyone.

However, while we all may have a slightly different image of what perfection looks like to us, our general idea of it is the same.

We want (and try) to achieve this basically unattainable state, where the thing we are creating or the service we’re providing is 100% flawless.

Let’s be honest; even if when we create something that is very well made or offer a level of customer service that is commendable, there’s always something to critique.

Even the greatest of artists, inventors, and leaders have made mistakes or simply failed to please everyone’s preferences.

Try as you might, you cannot please everyone. It is simply not possible to achieve the idea of perfection we hold in our minds – never mind whatever is in the eyes of those critiquing our work.

Go ahead and Google the definition of “perfection.” I had never looked up the word before because I know what it means – or at least, I thought I did.

The first result that showed up for me was:

“The condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.”

It’s written in the definition of the word itself that “perfection” is unattainable, and that we can only hope to get as close to it as possible.

So, the next time you are beating yourself up about a teeny tiny detail that no one noticed, anyway, take a deep breath, and think about the definition of perfection. Humans, by nature, are not perfect.

We ALL make mistakes. Some mistakes are bigger than others and may cause more headaches, but no one is perfect.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t continue to shoot for the moon. Our goals should still be set higher than we know (or think) we can go, with the hope of getting as close to perfection as possible.

But there’s that word again – possible. What’s possible for you might be different than what’s possible for someone else. So, your “almost perfect” might be different than someone else’s.

When you stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, you may find that you get even closer to achieving your definition of perfection.

“If you chase perfection, you often catch excellence.” – William Fowble

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