Make Your Brand More Memorable

Go That Extra Step. Be A Business Unicorn

In business, you need to stand out from the everyone else if you are going to be successful.

You have to be a Business Unicorn

And to be a Business Unicorn, your brand needs to be memorable in order to create an enduring image in people’s minds and build a solid relationship with them.

The way to make yourself memorable is to go one step further than just offering products and services.

Every business works to set their offerings apart and emphasize their uniqueness.

But if you can offer something more, you can really build a good relationship.

One way to do this is to offer support beyond just your products and website FAQ. Give your customers a technical support line and help them solve their problems whether they’re buying from you or not.

This could be educational support. Hold webinars where you teach them how to solve problems in your area of expertise.

Again, this shouldn’t be only for paying customers. It should be for the general public to share with them the unique value you offer.

You could offer tech support. This might involve help with your tech products or software programs.

Or, it could be an app that helps to do something related to your products and services. People will come into contact with you each time they use the tool you offer.

In the same way, the more points of contact and opportunities for engagement you offer, the better people will remember you.

Remember that people buy from people they know, like and trust.

A great way to do this is to create an online community like a membership site or Facebook group.

Let people interact with each other and jump in to start conversations, offer help, and make sure people follow the rules.

Another idea for going beyond your products and services is to team up with an influencer or similar brand in your niche that they already know.

This makes you memorable by association with them.

Anything you can do to stay in people’s minds will help your branding.

Because relationship building and human connection are the keys to building a memorable brand and a successful business both online and off.

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