Are You Using Multiple Channels To Engage With Your Audience?

When you engage with your customers, do you use more than one channel to do so?

It’s likely that you’re already using multichannel marketing to some degree, and don’t even realize it.

So just what is multichannel marketing?

It is the process of using both digital and offline marketing channels to communicate with your customers.

In one sense, it’s a bit of a buzzword, since it basically describes how most of us doing marketing these days.

I mean, do you know anyone who only uses email marketing, or only direct mail, or only social media marketing?

Probably not. If you do, I’d like to meet them!

But it goes beyond just using multiple channels to market to your target audience; multichannel marketing is really about being strategic and purposeful when it comes to choosing the communication channels we use to engage with our customers.

Some common marketing channels include websites, retail stores, mobile apps, email, video, podcast, television, billboards, text messaging, blogging, direct mail, online reviews, and good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

But that doesn’t mean all businesses should be on all platforms.

Multichannel marketing works best when we analyze our customers and determine which channels they prefer and are most engaged with, and then using those channels to create a seamless experience across the board.

So, what’s so great about multichannel marketing?

It reaches your customers where they are, so they can decide when, where, and how to connect with your brand.

Plus, it’s a noisy market out there, and your message can get lost easily if you don’t put it out there in multiple ways. If a customer misses your message on one channel, they might see it on another.

“Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find customers buying from them, not you.”

– Mark Cuban

One of the challenges of multichannel marketing is staying consistent with your messaging across your channels. If you send the wrong message on one channel, you might confuse your target customers, and they might lose trust in your brand.

Another challenge is keeping up with customer service on all of your channels — another reason to choose your channels wisely. If you can’t keep up with 5 different channels, then maybe 3 is enough to start.

So this week, I challenge you to think about which channels you’re using right now.

Are they are the right channels for your business?

Are you being consistent with your messaging across all channels?

Are you trying to be on too many channels?

Take a look at your marketing strategy and identify what’s working, and what’s not. Then try to make some simple improvements.

If you need help knowing where to start or need some encouragement and inspiration, let’s chat!

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