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Accelerate your revenue with strategic positioning that lets you reach your revenue goals and master your business.

Providing you with the answers and the right path that works for YOUR business and life.

Whether you’ve built a professional service business or consulting business already, but you are struggling to grow and scale the way you want to…

Or, you’re currently striving to turn your side hustle into a full time, revenue generating business…

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know the next best steps to take.

It’s easy to lose sight of your vision because your stuck in your business.

It’s easy to get caught up in information overload, and the head-spinning number of options that exist for entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to start, grow or scale their business.

But let me be clear… there’s a reason there are so many choices out there…

No One Single Method Works For Everyone.

You are not like everyone else and neither is your business.

However, all businesses need these 3 things:


You need a framework and strategic plan for your business that is designed specifically for what success looks like for you.

You need to be crystal clear on your vision and layout your next right steps to build the business of your dreams.

And you need to learn the growth secrets that will keep your business profitable and sustainable.


You need to be strategically positioned in the market so that you can clearly stand out from the competition and become the obvious choice for your ideal client.

And you need proven simplified marketing strategies that are designed to convert leads into clients.


You need to know how to build authentic connections and have powerful conversations that confidently, effectively and easily turn those high-value prospects into happy clients without being salesy or pushy.

Because let’s face it, you didn’t enter your chosen profession so that you could spend your days selling.

The reality is that in order to grow a highly profitable professional services business, you have to be successful with business development…

… and although you learned everything you would ever need to know to be the expert you are, you were never taught how to strategically market yourself or to sell.

That is why we created The EDGE programs for professionals like you.

The Business EDGE Level Up Membership Program

Mentoring and Accountability For No-Fail Growth

The monthly membership for Service-Based Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Professionals ready to hit 100K and beyond with personalized mentorship, a relationship-focused framework, and a step-by-step blueprint.

Simple solutions, high-level support and accountability for the overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated business owner and entrepreneur

The Cutting EDGE 1:1 Strategic Consulting & Mentoring

Simplified Strategic Solutions For Extraordinary Results

Customized consulting for high achieving committed Service Professionals and Entrepreneurs who are ready to play bigger and add rocket fuel to their results.

Together we will work to identify what you’re doing right and where there’s room to add more value, attract more clients and define the fastest path to increased revenue generation.

What’s holding you back from hitting your next income level?

What Clients Say

Welcome to the No B.S. Zone!

Hi, I’m Susan Giddings. Business and sales mentor for service-based business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are serious about growth and founder of The EDGE Business Programs.

I’m super passionate and direct, a No B.S. kind of gal.

After 30+ years as a successful entrepreneur in the traditional business world, a major heart attack forced me to sell my beloved publishing, marketing and advertising business and transition into the digital business world.

Now I’m honored to share my business, marketing and sales insights as a business strategist and consultant.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners master their business, so that they could attract and close more business, increase their rates and make more money with less work.

Fair warning, my passion always comes with some honest tough love.

But if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and take your business to the next level without a lot of B.S. or false claims, you’re in exactly the right place.

I’m here to give you the EDGE you need for business success!

“If you are looking for a business coach, sales coach or strategist, I can confidently recommend Susan. I know she will go above and beyond to deliver what she promises to you.”

– Jonathan Howard, JRH Graphics

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